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Quinn Crothers

601-559-0578 | 19 Beauvoir Place, Madison MS 39110

Skills Summary

Adaptive, Communicative, Quick Learner, Project/Team Leader


High School: Madison Central High School

GPA: 94.91 |QPA: 3.92 | ACT Score: 31

Planned Graduation Date is May 16, 2020

Work Experience

MC Big Blue

Live Stream Director / 2018- present

As a live stream director for MC Big Blue, I work with camera operators and radio commentators to create a watchable live stream. I am in charge of putting the live stream on commercial, displaying graphics when necessary, and for changing the angle of the livestream from camera to camera when needed.

Camera Operator/ 2016-present

As a camera operator for MC Big Blue, I work with and have worked with various different types of stationary cameras used as video inputs for the live stream and the video board.

Awards and Acknowledgements

Highest Average Award for High Tech Video Production

For the past three years, I have been rewarded the highest-average award for my video production class. While my average often ties with other students, my involvement outside of the class in video-production and film activities has put me ahead of the other students.

Hobbies and Interests

League Of Legends - I have been playing this game for five years, and I have been playing it competitively for the past two or three years. I really enjoy it, and I have already contacted the MSU Esports Club, and I have been playing with the MSU League Of Legends team over the internet.

Computer Science - On and off throughout high school, I have studied different aspects of computer science. I have learned about the Linux Command Line, coding in C, and some coding in Python. I have much interest in computer science, and plan to major in computer science in Mississippi State University.

Stock Market - Since my freshmen year of high school, I have studied the stock market. I have studied the trends of the stock market and have even made investment decisions for myself. I enjoy watching the stock market, and speculating on possible future moves of the stock market.

Exercising - I have played sports throughout my entire life, until about three years ago. Since then, I have acquired a gym membership and I go on runs regularly around my neighborhood. I highly value good physical condition, especially since my little brother is a national-class runner.

Extracurricular Activities

2018 & 2019: Member of the Madison Central team that attended the All American High School Film Festival held in New York City

2017 & 2019: Have been a part of the Technology Student Association

2018: Producer for the Jaguar News Network

2017: Member of the Madison Central Beta Club

2017 & 2018: Member of the Madison Central Ornithology club

2019: Member of the Madison Central Ultimate Frisbee Team